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Free Agency - Unsigned RFA and UFA

Free Agent Signing Tool

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Download, fill out and submit to Anthony (Nokians GM)

Sept 2014 Changes
  • Players who are unsigned in the NHL can be signed to 4 year contracts (previously limited to 2 years)
  • Free agency age now mimics NHL CBA (June 30th as cutoff, instead of calendar year)
  • Discount to 1 year contract as the season progresses dialed down to 75% (previously higher)
  • No other changes - input, assumptions all same as last year otherwise.
August 9, 2013
Changes from last year.
a)  Showing whether your offer is a qualifying offer to RFA.
b)  Reintroduced the signing discount (the longer you wait into the season, the cheaper players are because they're desperate to play)
c)  Adjusted discount for 1 year deals to 95% of baseline value for young players.  Bridge deals are getting pricier as per real life.  Previously was 90% of baseline value. 
For those not familiar with this sheet:
a)  Enter in your players name on the left.
b)  Columns D-G shows what you need to bid to get a 90% probability of the player signing.  
c)  If you offer more than the guideline salary, higher probability of signing (and vice versa).
d)  Select the # of years you'd want to offer player (note guideline salary is different based on term of contract)
e)  Even if you offer a zillion dollars, max resigning probability is 98%, meaning that there's still a 2% chance the player doesn't want to sign with you.  
f)  Check column L to see status of your player whether he's RFA or UFA.
g)  If RFA, check column M to see if you gave him a qualifying offer.  If you didn't and he doesn't sign with you, he'll become a UFA.  If you gave a qualifying offer and he doesn't sign, he remains on your team and is subject to another offer and/or offer sheets from other GMs.

Free agency offer sheet now available for you GM's to start planning...

Click on "Free Agency" in the upper menu

File download will be available at the top of the resulting page. You need to be logged in to see the free agent signing sheet download link


- Delete the existing data in the blue boxes (if any) - they're just for show in "Signing Sheet" tab

- Just like last year, select your player on the left hand side (or type it in - spelling must be exact)

- "Guideline salary" is the amount you offer to obtain a 90% probability of signing a player

- Enter in  your contract value and years and your ACTUAL resigning probability is shown in column K

- RFA status is shown in column L

- Qualifying offer status is shown in column M - refer to rules to see what constitutes a qualifying offer

New features:

- As the season goes on, unsigned players will ask for less money (but only sign for 1 year on the cheap) - so if you want some last minute rental players, keep an eye out on the 1 yr contracts by the time trading deadline/signing deadline approaches

Timing to be determined by Nokians.  Any questions, feel free to fire it my way - Bombers.

Free Agency Rules

Refer to league rules.