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Thrashers 2019 Draft Wrapup

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alright, finally getting around to do a summary of my draft and offer some top notch highly professional analysis!


Thrashers missed the 2019 playoffs due to whiffing on #10thlastplace.  Finishing one spot out of the playoffs.  They nonetheless achieved the objective of joining (and to an extent - winning) the draft lottery

#3 overall - some Finnish diabetic.  Not much is known of him, other than he's a big blonde guy with a wide face.  It is widely rumored GM Lau did zero research on the guy, but simply bent to peer pressure/mainstream media propaganda to take the guy at 3rd overall

#27 - Raphael Lavoie - Rumored to be really good, but haven't put together numbers to indicate as much.   Ok ok fine, 32 pts in 23 playoff games is nothing to scoff at.  Drafted by Edmonton in the parallel universe though, his career is basically over.  At least he gets an awesome giant chicken jersey in this one.

#55 - Samuel Fagemo - older dude named Samuel.  Sounds classy, can shoot, going to the oldest and slowest team in the league.  How better to look good?

#56 - Albin Grewe - Future Brad Marchand they say?  Doesn't really look like a rat, no chance

#94 - Graeme Clarke - Some of the best hands in the draft not named Puistola (damn you Worgs).  Mad handles and one of the best shots.  Spotty production buried on a deep Ottawa team full of older stars;  averaged only 11 minutes TOI and still managed 23 goals in 55 games; 14 ptts in 18 playoff games

#100 - Jordan Spence - small high production offensive D, dime a dozen

#118 - Trevor Janicke - You heard it here first, this guy here is Adam Gaudette 2.0… yes, that guy, that one who *may* become a league-average 3rd line center… yeah, that one in Utica…

#122 - Henry Rybinski - bitched about his original team, moved to Seattle and became one of their top offensive players… out-produced 55th overall pick Dillon Hamaliuk

#123 - Blake Murray - initially projected as high as a top 5 pick after 44 pts in 57 games as a 16 year old in the OHL.  Didn't show much improvement for whatever reason.  Meh, 123rd pick


Too much to write already, I do love my 5th round picks