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Alpacas 2018 Playoff Ticket Refunds

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Dear Alpaca fans, 

The Alpacas organization want to thank you for support and look forward to you seeing you next season.  We believe we have the greatest fans in the world!

As you know, we were supposed to repeat as your BFHL champions of the world.  With that assumption, we presold playoff tickets for round 1, 2, 3, 4  before the 2017-18 season even started.  We also went ahead and planned multiple parades across the country.  We did not anticipate an early exit losing round 1 of the playoffs to Kenobi.  As a result, there has been mass confusion around the ticket refund process.  We apologize - we did not think we would need one.  Last night we scrambled to put a process together.

Please present your refund request via your original point of purchase.

  • If you booked at, you can cancel your booking online by going to My Bookings

    • If yours is a fully refundable fare, this will automatically initiate your refund process.

  • If you booked directly with Alpaca Nation, or you are cancelling a booking for which an upgrade was confirmed, contact Alpacas Reservations.

  • If you booked through a 3rd party or another website, contact them directly.

Alternatively, to request a refund or for information on the status of a refund, complete our Ticket Refund Application form through

Finally, please do not attend the round 1 victory parade originally scheduled for noon today in Lima Peru.  The event originally setup during March has now been cancelled.

Our poor performance and overall lack of passion during this years playoffs is under review.  This will apply to all areas of the organization. 

Thank you for your patience and see you next season.


The Alpacas