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Sept 15, 2019 Open Free Agency Round 1 Results - Next Deadline Sept 22

Hey Everyone, 

WIsh you all luck! Below are the results!  Next deadline Sept 22, 2019 8PM PST.

Please note, Rebids require 10% increase in salary.  If not, it's an invalid bid Resign is No regardless.

Will look to update Monday night.

Remember Cap and Min 35 signed players requirement.  This page gives a decent way to see the number of players:

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2019 Own Free Agents Process. Open FA Sept 15 deadline 8pm PST!

Hey Everyone

Updated 245 players including activating Valeri Nichushkin.  Everyone else has been released from their teams and it's Free Agent Frenzy time!

Watch your salary cap, you need a minimum of 35 signed players prior to the start of the season

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Sept 8, 2019 Own FA Results. 284 Player Contract Submissions!

284, I think that's the most at one time!  Hope things worked out for you all!

Just a quick post of the results.  I'll try to get the site updated sometime tomorrow evening.

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Making a list, checking it twice... Own FA deadline is soon!

Hey all

Courtesy Reminder for signing sheets for your own free agents first.  Make sure you're only putting for bids on guys with no contract on your own roster.

Was also brought to my attention that the website age is weird, off by a year.  The free agency tool should be correct for age on July 1st date consideration for RFA or UFA.

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Free Agency Tool Released - Own Free Agents Deadline Sept 8th, 8pm PST

Hey Everyone, 

Free Agency Tool is released!  Click the link or the Free Agency menu option for Free Agent Signing Tool on the site!  Thank you once again Bombers!

Own FA Deadline - September 8th, 2019.  8pm PST


  • This first round is for players on your roster that have no contract.


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