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Finals are set: Samurai vs Poutiners

After a first round scare, the Poutiners are back in the finals for thier title defence. Samaurai are looking strong!

Games will be simmed daily (each game with be accompanied by a rest day)

Good luck!

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Sim pause - inaccessible computer

Sorry guys 

I'm out of town and my sim computer is not cooperating today

It may need to wait until I'm back on May 2nd


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Playoff Start Monday, April 17th, lines by 10PM PST

Hey Everyone

Work has been nuts and so has the weekend Smile Sorry for the delay but we're good to go!

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Presidents Trophy - Honey Badgers!

Congratulations Honey Badgers for taking the Presidents trophy once again after a one year hiatus... Bravo!

That Campbells confernce. Wow that's going to be quite the fight!

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March 5th Free Agency

I forgot to send a communication on the last free agency bid! Woohoo! Wink

Can't believe there were goalies still left.


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