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Nov 3 Free Agency Results. Proposed Rule Update for Offer Sheets

Hey all, 

Sorta didn't forget about the signing period yesterday Blum 3  Too busy at work.

I got it now though and updated. 

One other note on my head.  Offersheets against other teams RFA's should be a mininum of 90% probability.  Thoughts?

I got it now though and updated. 

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Sim Updates and Lines files - don't rename them

Hey Everyone, 

Hope your seasons have started out as planned! Wink

I've adjusted the league settings to reduce the shots a bit and also increase the goals a bit more.  Will see how that looks.  Trying to bring down the SV% and 40+ shot averages a game a tad high but I do like the effect on goalies.

Just a PSA.  When using the desktop client and saving the lines file.  Don't rename it.  Keep it as the standard team name it gives you.  It seems your lines might not process if you rename and put spaces and be like "nokians super awesome lines.shl"

Here are some current issues, thanks for you attention.

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Can't Sim, fix your Rosters! A small offersheet! Oct 13 FA signing Results

Hey Everyone, 

Season start just around the corner!  Turned on the season and have a bunch of errors Smile  Please fix!: 

Kenobi are expected to be over the salary cap by $10,580,709!
Philly are expected to be over the salary cap by $836,662!
Rampage are expected to be under the minimum salary cap by $3,771,666!
Maximum Pro Players Limit Reached for Advocates!
Sheep are expected to be over the salary cap by $3,624,358!
Torpedos Farm are expected to be over the farm salary cap by $242,372!
Bullies are expected to be over the salary cap by $4,079,416!

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Season Start October 15th! Goalie Stats Update, Last preseason signing round

Hey All

Been dying a little bit from work lately, but woke up enough to update some things like signings, trades and stuff!

Season is set to start Oct 15th!


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