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<Corrected again> More RFA Signings! Last chance at your RFA signings January 5th, 2020 8pm PST.

Here are a few more signings. 

Last your own RFA signing opportunity this season is January 5th, 2020 8pm PST!  Any unsigned RFA after this date will be available for all.  The last signing opportunity is February 2nd, 2020 at 8pm PST.

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Clarification on Signings: Your own RFA and free agents

Hey Everyone

Just wanted to make sure everyone understood what happened with signings yesterday.

It was pointed out to me that our rules allow you to submit signings for your own RFA at anytime.

We get mixed up on the terminlogy sometimes:

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Happy New Year! Couple RFA's off the list!

Hope Everyone had a great new years!

Couple RFA's now off the market!  And sorry for that 6 day old trade lol.

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Happy Holidays and all the best in 2020

Hey everyone

Wish you all a happy holiday season and fantastic new year.

Thanks for being a part of this league, keeping things interesting in all sorts of ways! I can't believe we're into season 11 and I'll keep simming if you guys keep playing!

Now go set your lines.

All the best


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Dec 2, Free Agency Window - Any unsigned RFA will be release after Jan 5th, 2020!

Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well and your season going as per your expectations Smile

REMINDER:  Any remaining unsigned RFA on your roster will be released after the January 5th, 2020 signing period.

Here are a few signings to announce


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