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Moving things along

So I was kinda waiting and seeing how the first days have gone and it has been a bit rough.  Haven't even finished a  full three rounds yet since Sunday.  We need to do better.

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Remaining Draft Rounds

Thanks for everyone's participation today.  We can't do the whole draft in one sitting but at least we have a good start in building our teams.

So we'll continue the draft via the forum.  Basically just post your next pick.  Post in the order as shown in the first post.  There is no editing so make sure of your pick! Wink

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More Draft Details / Draft Order

So with the first draft day coming this weekend on the 20th, there are some questions to be answered.

First and foremost, note that we will be using both the conference call information that has been set up and emailed around plus we'll keep in online chat contact within the Google doc draft list.  Opening the window for chat instructions are at the end of this article.

We all should know by now that the offiicial draft list is accessible here

Welcome to BFHL!

A Long Time Coming

So it's been a long time coming and friends have bugged me about this for a long time now and here it is.  BFHL V1.0!.  Unfortunately we are still dealing with primitive HTML output files here and not a database, but that'll come with time... maybe. 

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Bombers: Exit WHL, Enter BFHL

Bombers have officially left the WHL and joined the BFHL. 


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