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Season 12 Updates!

Alright Everyone,

Sorry I didn't get to it as quick as I wanted. 

I do appreciate your eagerness to get going so I tried to get as much updated as I could tonight (I blame Advocates for jumping the gun cheeky)

Here's what you can expect:

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Dusting off the cob webs, hope all is well!

Hey Everyone!

What's up?  Hope everyone is doing ok with this pandameic situation and figuring things out with a plan back to some kind of normal.

I've definitely been on a holding pattern, here are some thoughts:

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2019-20 BFHL Champions: Honey Badgers! - Draft Lotto Results

Congratulations to the Honey Badgers for the third Newcombe-Todd cup in franchaise history!

Quite the turnaround as a lottery team last year and then owning the league all year and eventually the championship!

Nice work to all you GMs working the lineups hard, thanks for playing.

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Newcombe - Todd Cup Final! - Honey Badgers & Gunners!

Hey Everyone

I hope you're all doing as well as can be and your familes are safe.

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Playoffs Ready to Go!

Hey Everyone!

Playoff files are up!  Switch over to file here

Get your lines in, first sim is Saturday night!

Good luck everyone!



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