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TW: Ryan Callahan & Nikolai Kulemin

With the emergence of younger stars, Callahan and Kulemin may be looking for a new team.

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Dan Girardi !!!!!!!!111!!!!!

Rights to Dan Girardi for trade.

Looking for an able body bottom 6 D or a 3rd rnd pick.

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BREAKING NEWS: Worgs trade Kronwall

In a somewhat surprising move, Worgs GM has traded Niklas Kronwall. GM Ray Ng felt a change was needed and made a trade with the Philly's.

Going to the Philly's:
Niklas Kronwall
2010 2nd Round pick

Going to the Worgs:
Patrick Kane

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Good Things Gone Bad

Times in Bedburg were looking good for a short time. When the free agent bidding opened up, GM Raymond Ng went right after Nikolai Khabibulin. He believed Nikolai was the missing element to the Worgs success. Khabibulin won over with the Worgs right away putting up a 38 save performance in his first game.

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Trouble in Bedburg?

     Two weeks into the season Worg's GM is left scratching his head. His team is 15th out of the 16th team with their GF/GA matching. There's nothing good coming out of Bedburg except that Daniel Sedin recorded his first goal and assist in tonights lost. The talk of the Sedin's not being able to play without each other is showing through. Daniel has 2 points in 10 games and his brother Henrik, with the Nokians, has 3 points in 9 games. Possible trade happening?

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