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Alpacas 2018 Playoff Ticket Refunds

Dear Alpaca fans, 

The Alpacas organization want to thank you for support and look forward to you seeing you next season.  We believe we have the greatest fans in the world!

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Alpacas are swept out of the playoffs! Coach flies off the handle!

Alpaca Coach losing it during Game 2 against Thrashers

Alpaca Coach loses mind during game 2 against Thrashers - Click Photo for video!

It's official.  The Alpacas have been eliminated from the 2013 BFHL playoffs.  During the post game press conference, Alpacas GM released the following statement:

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Alpacas looking to move Martin Havlat

Fellow GMs, are you disappointed that you didn't get to sign the RFA/UFA you wanted?  Don't worry, the Alpacas are here to help. No longer part of our future plans, we are willing to move Martin Havlat for a low end draft pick.


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Peruvian fan demands explanation for Alpaca Dynamite's decline

(Left: Protests at Lake Titicaca emerge following the trade of Martin St. Louis)

Dear GM Ben Cook,

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Alpaca Dynamite explodes with 2 Blockbuster deals! Is Stajan finished?

(Left: Alpaca fans lineup at Lake Titicaca Arena)




It appears Alpaca’s GM Ben Cook has had enough of his team’s subpar play as of late.  As a result, bold moves were made as two trades came down over the weekend involving the Aviators and Worgs:


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