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Thrashers 2020 Draft Class

Thrashers continue trend of drafting players too small for their own good

#7 - Marco Rossi.  120 pts in 56 games, OHL's Most Outstanding Player of the Year, OHL's top scorer, Coaches' Poll: eastern conference smartest player, best playmaker, best shootout scorer, #2 best faceoffs, #2 best defensive forward, #3 best penalty killer... the kid has it all.  Brayden Point was so good for the Thrashers, GM Lau just had to draft himself another one

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Bombers 2020 Draft Class

For the first time in many years, Bombers defied many norms:  a)  Traded up giving up quantifiable overall value in the process; b)  Owned barely any draft picks; c) Did very little research given zero-time available; and d) Picked players that aren't best player available and instead fell into the trap of drafting for positional/ role needs. 

The team is proud to introduce the following tradeable commodity assets (aka fresh meat, or shiny new toy) to the fans :

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Bombers Prospect Tracker (Updated 5-Jan-2020)

Bombers prospect development over time, using NHL-equivalent points to allow comparison between different leagues and age.  

Will be updated periodically.  

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Thrashers 2019 Draft Wrapup

alright, finally getting around to do a summary of my draft and offer some top notch highly professional analysis!


Thrashers missed the 2019 playoffs due to whiffing on #10thlastplace.  Finishing one spot out of the playoffs.  They nonetheless achieved the objective of joining (and to an extent - winning) the draft lottery

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Bombers 2019 Draft Class (FINAL)

Bombers went into this draft expecting to pick all players with a Z in their name.  Zegras - check.  Podkolzin - check.  The team was intending on picking Moritz, but Boldy really threw a wrench in the team plan.  Unlike other years where the team usually have a million picks, the team got lazy and consolidated its pick to just 3 picks this year.  Fans resent the fact that the GM was on vacation and shirked his scouting duties directly in advance of the draft. 


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