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Happy New Year! Jan 2, 2022 Free Agency Results

Hey Everyone

Hope you all had a great New Years and as nice a holiday season as you can have. Hope this COVID thing hasn't impacted you too much. At least these games keep simming eh?

Free agency round results below. This was also the deadline to sign your RFAs so if you haven't, they've been released from your team.

All signings have been updated, please check your rosters.

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Dec 5th, Free Agency Signing Results

Hey Everyone

A few sheets entered, one more chance for any of your RFA's on January 2nd, 2022, 8pm PST.

Here are the results, and applied to the rosters.

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Reminder: Unsigned RFAs Must be Signed by January 2nd, 2022

Hey Everyone

Just wanted to send a reminder for anyone with unsigned RFAs still. You have to sign them January 2nd, 2022.

Free Agency deadlines are the first Sunday of each month.

Trade deadline is March 11th, 2022.



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Double Sim Friday

Oops, seems I forgot to sim Wednesday night. Weird, I remember thinking about it.

Will sim Friday afternoon and evening.

Please check up on your rosters,

Thank you


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Double Sim on Monday

Hey Everyone,

I got pretty wasted on Saturday and forgot to sim Smile

Anyhow, looking to do a sim Monday afternoon and the second one in the evening.


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