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Morale has been reset

Hi Everyone

One thing, I should have done after changing the simulation was reset the morale rating.

I gave everyone some uppers and now all players are bright eyed and full of excitement.

Try to keep them happy.


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Jan 8th 2023: RFA Deadline Results

Here are the final RFA signings. All remaining RFAs have been released from their teams and availabe for bidding at the next signing window

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Jan 1st 2023 Free Agent Signing! RFA deadline Jan 8th.

Happy New Year Everyone and we have the first FA signing of the year!

Note: Any of your remaining unsigned RFAs need to be signed by Jan 8th or they will be released.
Note2: Leopards signing will be processed after the actual sim day for Jan 1st is simmed.

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Sims are back on! RFA deadline extended to Jan 8th.

Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope your holiday season has been going well.

Big apologies for the massive pause! Thank you for your patience.

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Dec 4th, Free Agency Results

Remember, one more signing period for any remaining unsigned RFAs on your team.

If not signed on the January 1st, 2023 signing window, they will be released and available to the league at the next signing window.

Here are today's results!


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