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Own FAs processed, unsigned, not QO players dropped, prospects activated.

Hey Everyone

Updated the league files with the signings and drops

Open Free Agency deadline is Saturday, Sept 23rd, 10pm PST.

No exceptions: Please make sure you send your forms to me. The bfhladmin email is a valid email address that forwards to me.

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Sept 16, 2023 Own FA Results

Hey Everyone

Thanks for getting your sheets in.

Here are the result, I'll work on updating the league files tomorrow

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Current Prospect Activation Salaries

Thanks to Thrashers for pulling the info together. Those with contracts are getting activated. Please let me know by Saturday if you want to drop any of them.

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FA Signing Dates and Prospect Activation Salary Help Request

Hey Everyone

Here are the dates for free agency. Please note the time and timezone. Submisssions after the time are not accepted.
You need to get to 35 players, Salary Cap: 83.5 Million, Farm Cap: $3.020 Million.

  1. September 16th, 2023 10pm PST - Only Your OWN Free Agents ($0 contract currently on your team)
    • Unsigned players will be going to free agency.
  2. Also September 16th, 2023 10pm PST - Prospects will be activated unless you request to drop them with a post in this forum
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BFHL Year 15! Ratings, Signing Sheet & New STHS Client

Hey Guys

Hope you all had a really good summer!

I think I got my cobwebs out and here we are.


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