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And the first overall is........?  Go Condors!

Sorry I didn't kick this off earlier. Life stuff getting in the way a bit.

Please try to keep this moving, I buggered up the available players list and will fix it soon, but the first handful are pretty straight forward I think? Smile

Thanks to Bombers to get the forum started so lets start picking now!

Draft Forum 2022

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Lottery Results & Ratings Preview

Hi Everyone!

Hope your summers are going great!

Condors won the lottery! The 2nd overall pick goes to Advocates and the 3rd overall pick goes to True Grit.

Round 6 Bonus
1 Poutiners (BFHL Champ)
2 Thrashers (Presidents)
3 Storm (Campbell Conference Runner up)
4 Roaches (Wales Conference Runner- up)
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Congratulations 2021-22 BFHL Champions: Poutiners

That was quite a dramatic series.

Congratulations to the Poutiners for taking it to game 7 and winning the BFHL Championship.

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Thrashers Presidents Trophy Winner! Playoffs Start April 30th!

Congratulations to the Thrashers on cruising to the Presidents Trophy this year!

We'll start the playoff rounds right away Saturday evening.I have given everyone three days of rest.

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Trade Deadline Frenzy and a Final Signing. Check your line ups!

Nice mad rush to deadline everyone!

Trades are in and a final FA signing.Get your lines tuned up!


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